African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

AGIA – African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency leverages the power of Big Data to deliver a better life to vulnerable people in Africa. AGIA – African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is an aerospace corporate create to deal with critical, and the most pressing challenges in Africa. From agriculture, defense, to natural resources management, public health, from weather forecasting to disaster response and more, we are committed to saving lives, improving livelihoods and climate resilience across Africa. We are empowering communities and offering a better life to everyone on the continent. AGIA is mandated to develop Africa through space-intelligence and technology.

What we do

We make the sky touches the Earth through the trilogy of orbiting satellites, drones, and on-the-ground data. We only do this to make the World a better place to leave for everyone. We listen to our customers. We identify their needs. We help them collect and or access accurate data, turn their existing data – both geospatial and statistics – into meaningful insights that are relevant to their works. We design and co-create the solutions with them to reflect their own vision. But those are just a few from what we can do. Indeed, we have many other increasingly human-centric things in mind to help develop Africa. We hope you will be part of it.

Why we do what we do

First thing first. Human first. We believe that “Location-based technology is the only tool that allows Humans to exercise a multidimensional power over themselves and their environment, for a better life on Earth, thanks to spatial reasoning and territorial intelligence”. In the actual context where Africa is facing severe and negative climate change impacts with huge damages on agriculture, witnessing violent army conflicts and terrorism, suffering from pressure on natural resources, and many other issues, AGIA is dedicated to save lives, help build effective climate resilience and sustainable peace across the continent. For example, we strongly believe that developing agriculture and improving food security in Africa is actually the best mean to fight terrorism and any kind of extremism. Ask us how.

For Who & With Who

First thing first. Human first. But through organizations. We don’t work directly with or for individuals. We work with humanitarians and international organizations, public and private agencies whose work benefit to human life improvement and the environment protection across Africa. We help countries and governments take care of their people.

National & International Collaborations

Number of AGIA team members were involved in many national and international level projects, including one of the most important innovations developed at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, along with Togo Red-Cross, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank Group. The project was focused on designing a digital platform that uses mobile phones to collect climate and hydrological data upstream of the Nangbéto hydropower dam, and feeds into FUNES, an award-winning machine learning tool that links early warning with early action by the Togo Red-Cross. This high-level ICT project is one the proofs of our leadership in conducting critical technology-based projects on which even depends human lives as well as the protection and the sustainability of their properties.


NASA Experience
& Beyond

In 2017, our founder was selected us a Mandela Washington Fellow by the Department of State of the United States. He have then completed a Professional Development Experience (PDE) at NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During his internship at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, he was working on geospatial technology for disaster risk management. Before being at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, he was at the Arizona State University (ASU), a fourth straight time ranked most innovative school in the United States, where he studied Public Administration. He even got the opportunity to visit the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE).

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