About us

African Geospace is an aerospace firm that specializes in space technology and big data analytics, pioneering intelligent decision-making for development, climate action, and security.


We are a gathering of space scientists, and technologists building satellite data analytics and AI solutions.

We leverage the vast potential of space to build effective solutions aimed at facilitating space infused data analytics and enabling informed decision-making processes. Through sustainable solutions, we strive to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time, to save lives, improve livelihoods, and increase climate resilience. We partner with organizations and government institutions to deliver on our mission.

Why space

Potential to accelerate
global sustainability

Space is essential in providing critical information for climate analysis, resource management, and environmental monitoring. By utilizing space technology, we can make informed decisions and implement effective strategies to tackle global challenges and promote long-term sustainability.

Why AI

Data are the new gold in
our fast-changing world

In our rapidly evolving world, data has become a precious resource with transformative potential. AI serves as the key to unlocking the value hidden within this ocean of information. Through AI’s unparalleled ability to analyze, interpret, and derive insights from large datasets, we gain a deeper understanding of complex challenges and uncover innovative solutions to drive sustainable development. AI empowers us to harness the power of data across diverse industries, including agriculture, renewable energy, mining, urban planning, and defense.

Theory of change

A new era of satellite imagery accessibility and analytics has just begun

The transformative shift in the realm of satellite imagery promises to reshape industries, enhance decision-making processes, and fuel innovations across various sectors. As satellites equipped with advanced imaging technologies continue to orbit the Earth, their data streams are becoming increasingly accessible to a wider range of users, from researchers and policymakers to businesses and individuals. This democratization of satellite imagery — information that was once confined to experts — paves the way for an unprecedented level of global understanding and collaboration, as people from diverse backgrounds gain the ability to harness visual insights from above.

With this enhanced accessibility, the potential for data-driven insights and actionable intelligence grows exponentially. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can now process vast volumes of satellite imagery to detect objects, patterns, changes, and anomalies in near real-time. This analytical prowess is poised to revolutionize entire industries. For instance, timely detection of deforestation trends can empower conservation efforts, while monitoring urban expansion can guide sustainable development strategies. The newfound ability to observe and quantify dynamic phenomena on a global scale offers an unprecedented opportunity to address pressing challenges facing humanity.

Furthermore, the synergy between satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence ushers in a new frontier of innovation. As more people and organizations gain access to high-quality satellite imagery, new applications are emerging, driving economic growth and societal progress. Startups can leverage this data to create innovative solutions, while established companies can optimize their operations by incorporating satellite insights. The possibilities are endless and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, where experts from different fields converge to derive comprehensive insights.