Satellite imagery, AI-driven operations,
for every decision that matters


Facilitate global critical infrastructure development and monitoring, understand evolving needs, and evaluate impacts.

Climate Change

Help effectively save lives and the Planet, comprehend change, assess impacts, and strategize for climate resilience.


Support national security through technology, natural disaster response, protecting people and their properties.

our promise

Hope from Space through technology

Satellite Imagery

Capture real-world images from space, offering pragmatic and unique perspective for informed decision-making and analysis.

AI Insights

Uncover deep AI insights, revealing patterns, trends, and predictions for better decison-making.


Examine data meticulously to extract meaningful insights, enabling data-driven strategies and informed choices.


Empower our users with versatile tools, seamless integration, efficiency, and collaborative capabilities.

We Offer Superior Data & Digital Transformation Strategy

We enable organizations to integrate Data, Geographic Information Systems, Earth Observation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence solutions into their business strategies to streamline operations, lower costs, propel growth and innovation, and respond to new market opportunities.


Governments that are looking for spatial insights can leverage our high-resolution satellite imagery products for resource management, planning, climate resilience, and more.


Companies can benefit from geospatial data to streameline operations, develop new products, monitor infrastructures, and take action for strategic decision-making.


Empowering humanitarians, conservation, and development stakeholders harness geospatial analytics to gain detailed insights and trend analysis for good.

Market Segments

Some critical challenges of our time


Assist farmers grow more, and embrace sustainability

Climate change

Save lives and the Planet, and help unlock renewable energy


Transform natural resource extraction, achieve efficiency

Urban systems

Enable climate-resilient urban centers, drive smart cities

Market Segments

Some critical challenges of our time


Assist farmers to grow more while adopting climate-resilient agriculture.


Save lives and our only Earth, and fostering a sustainable future.


Encourage renewable energy source usage and clean energy transition.


Transform resource extraction for greater efficiency and sustainability.


Unlock climate-resilient urban centers, and smart data-driven cities.


Promote national sovereignty and strive for global peace and security.

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Richard Folly

Geospatial data scientist with 10+ years of combined tech and business experience, including collaboration with corporates and government institutions.

Software engineer & COO

Panawe Touh

Software engineer with 8+ years of experience in computer science. Expertise in big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Clients and those who supported us

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