AGIA – African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as an aerospace industry, is working in a high technological field where innovation is constantly on the go. Therefore, we conduct Research & Development activities to improve our products and services, and to develop new ones that bring effective answers to real-world challenges faced by the African continent. That is why we constantly check on our products, services, and methods to advance them. 


We are certain that the future of Africa is vibrant and brilliant. We feel it. We feel it coming. However, we cannot get there, without taking strategic risks by bringing to the richest continent of the World any groundbreaking and highly technological solutions to the critical challenges. We know that Research & Development activities are costly and even some time with an uncertain outcome. But we can’t just wait for the lights to turn green.​

We stand on the belief that if Africa is the cradle of the humanity if it has been able to stand as the very foundation of our universal civilization, it still has the potential to prosper in at any point of view as prospering many of the civilizations it has engendered. We have understood that we need to provoke that prosperity for Africa. We believe, only technology will help with that. ​

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