AGIA is bringing Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing to the Oil & Gas industry for a better productivity and risk mitigation. The Oil & Gas industry need precise spatial data coupled with non-spatial data, and groundbreaking analytic tools and capabilities for cost saving, effective decision-making, predicting future actions and tracking ongoing exploration activities, the improvement of communications for first responders and across the whole production system.


Locating the slicks in regard to the position of the exploitation infrastructures for well-site planning, drill configurations, the understanding of the physical and social environment in which the different sites are located using data integration, analysis and visualization.


Knowing the locations of all the implicated infrastructures and their immediate environment give powerful assets to the entire management process. It help catch the relation between the different components of the system including pipelines, wells, pump stations, tank terminals, and many others.


Spatial data and analysis support the distribution chain when it comes to transportation, customers’ locations, pipelines inspection. The great and effective way to do this is just to start processing network analysis and finding the fastest road for service trucks. You can count on us for that.

Risk prevention

Oil & Gas exploitation comes with risk exposure for the people, the infrastructures, and the environment. Thanks to our cutting-edge geographic technologies and the remote monitoring of geohazards that can occur, Oil & Gas industries have now cost-effective tools on hand for security purpose, environmental protection, and impact mitigation.