Natural resources are essential for the economic, social and cultural development of every country around the world. It is more than important to use and manage them in a sustainable way to benefit all. And AGIA helps exactly do that the best way.

Water Resources

We believe water is life. For this reason we do everything in our power to save and preserve it, whether it is surface water or groundwater. We perform water management for socio-economic development projects, irrigation and spatially distributed crop water use estimation. We help prevent water become a weapon and a threat to the security of nations. We are committed on monitoring water quality, because it influences all aspects of life, including people, animals, and the environment.


We help governments and organizations fight deforestation, monitor and preserve forests by using data for forest cover, classification, change detection, human footprint and more. We deliver reliable insights into forests management for better decision-making on how they are being used.


Lands are the first support for any human activity. To preserve this precious resource, we work closely with national cadastral agencies and land management-based entities to end the land conflict, fraudulent resale, and illegal occupation. We collect and provide land geophysical data in the right format, using last generation data extraction, interpretation, and visualization tools for different land use-related fields including recreation, agriculture, and urban planning.


Careers and mines are particular areas where access and practicability are difficult. AGIA uses drones to capture quality data for careers management and monitoring, optimizing time and money for operators. We provide surveys and inventories, contributing to safety and risk reduction. We help optimize data acquisition costs.