AGIA develops digital tools for farmers to help them optimize their yields and agricultural investments.


Disaster Response

When disaster managers knew disaster likely areas, they can in advance allocate funds where it is more needed, target and prioritized actions.


Natural Resources

Natural resources are essential for the economic, social and cultural development of every country around the world.


Public Health

We believe one of the principal goals of Geospatial Technology is to allow better life on Earth at all point of view including health.


Urban Planning

We are committed to support city planning, using technology to bring together government, and local communities. 



We believe that the success of civilian protection and security missions is all about reliable spatial oriented information.

Blue Economy

AGIA leverages the capabilities of satellites consultations to support the development of the Blue Economy in Africa.

Bank & Insurance

We support insurance companies and banks with risk assessment, claims management, insurance underwriting, and insurance fraud. 


Research &

AGIA as an aerospace industry is working in a high technological field where innovation is constantly on the go.

Oil & Gas

AGIA is bringing Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing to the Oil & Gas industry for a better productivity and risk mitigation.

AGIA Hardware

AGIA Hardware is where AGIA is trying to advance the space technology with low-cost space-related hardware systems.