AGIA – African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as an aerospace corporate is also a mapping agency in the very broadest sense. We map everything: physical and human phenomena, natural and manmade objects. Because 80% of the existing information has a geographic component, we always give a geographic dimension to all of our work.

Maybe, you never tell yourself, but actually, it is impossible to act out of space. Even in our dreams, we are always somewhere, at a place. That means location matter. And, it is good news. While we as Humans are under the power of the time, we have control over space, that is why it is easy to travel through space than the time.

Life saving, and humanitarian

Knowing where are the people and their properties, and the infrastructures is the first information to have when taking care and protecting citizens. Governments, businesses and humanitarian organizations actions are more effective when they give a geographic dimension to their strategies. Fortunately AGIA is here to help.

Peacebuilding, Human Rights, and Justice

The future of peacebuilding, Human Rights, and Justice is vibrant, and brilliant when it comes to location technologies including Mapping and GIS. From identifying conflicts over space and time, understanding the geographical distribution of natural resources and ethnic groups, it is easier for countries to well direct infrastructure investments that can help calm down people’s discontent. Furthermore satellite images can be used to understand and have the whole picture of a territory before and after a conflict.

Resource management

From forestry, water, lands, mines, we keep keen eyes on natural resources management, because they are suffering from unparallelled demographic pressure, overexploitation, and negative climate change impacts.

Monitoring and evaluation

From development projects, national census to elections, and more, we offer our cutting-edge location-based technologies to support the monitoring and evaluation process for the different stakeholders.


We combine different data sources, process analysis to offer reliable insights for distribution and new businesses installation. We help businesses and organizations determine their catchment areas depending on their activities, supporting their marketing strategies with geofencing messages and campaigns.

Communications, and Journalism

Map is worth a thousand words. At AGIA, we create beautiful StoryMaps. They are immersive, captive and easier to understand than flat text articles. By geotagging videos, photos, audio bands in one and same repository: the map, we are using Mapping, GIS and even remote sensing to support the advent and development of a new form of journalism in Africa: GeoJournalism, which is particularly powerful in investigative journalism and climate change media covering. We design StoryMaps for organizations and businesses, helping them for a better communication and information sharing.


In the value chain of a service, when an infrastructure breaks down, it is important to know its exact location and the shortest way to access it, in order to quickly restore it to avoid customer losses. Knowing the exact location of an infrastructure also helps protect it, and prevent the breakage of the entire service chain because of a weak link that has failed.