We support our satellite technologies with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In fact, drones have huge assets to complete specific tasks in surveying, surveillance, data collect, mapping, and more. We use those fast-moving digital eyes to make on-the-field measurements to complete what satellites are offering. ​

Flying drones

Those digital birds are changing the face of anchor and vital fields on which depends people’s life including agriculture, public health care, disaster response, education, transportation, and many others. By flying drones in situations and areas where people are vulnerable to natural or manmade crisis, AGIA wants to do only one thing: flying hope everywhere.​

Underwater Drones

Blue Economy is trending now. Mapping the ocean's resources has become more than important, not only to assess them, but also to estimate the risk to which they are exposed to in regard to save them, and to know how we can use them in a reasonable way. While there are few means to map the oceans, AGIA has found a way in doing so by deploying underwater drones to map closely the African oceans.​