When disaster managers knew disaster likely areas, they can in advance allocate funds where it is more needed, target and prioritized actions.

Disasters are real. But we have the incomparable ability to get prepared to face them. AGIA is dedicated to helping public and private organizations to build efficient disaster preparedness, hazards recover and designing on-the-ground actions before, during and after a disaster event. We have the people, the expertise, the tools, the experience to do that. Number of AGIA Team members have worked on data integration for flood risk management in Togo, supporting one of the most important innovations developed by the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre: The “Map for Preparedness” project: a collaboration between the George Washington University Department of Geography, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Disaster Management

From flooding, drought to wildfire, we are eager to help all disaster stakeholders and practitioners from governments to humanitarian agencies, to get the wanted benefit from their everyday work as they are working to save people, their goods and properties. We help them get the accurate data and design customized tools for them and equipping them with the needed skills. As we are committed to saving lives and improving climate resilience, we design Early Warning Systems (EWS) since the beginning.


AGIA provides accurate satellite images and data before, during and after flood to support governments and organizations with data-oriented decision making to save lives, goods and infrastructures. We help track flooding over time and identify areas under threat. We make it possible for civil protection agencies and insurers to estimate which investment they should make in future flooding events.


With our satellite-based remote sensing for drought monitoring, we continuously perform spatial measurement at small and large geographic scale, making images and near-real time data acquisition possible as well as historical data record of drought conditions. We provide drought assessment, monitoring, analysis and predictions.


AGIA performs fire detection and burnt area mapping to help fight and monitor fire around farms, forests, infrastructures, amenities, and public services and everywhere people live. We perform early fire detection to alert populations and help firefighters get ready to act at the right time, knowing the fire location, and the fire propagation behavior.