Bringing cutting-edge technologies to help develop Blue Economy, lead the future of port management in Africa, and opening the door for the smart ports on the continent

AGIA leverages the capabilities of satellites consultations to support the development of Blue Economy in Africa: Offshore Oil & Gas, coastal tourism, renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture, trade, and more. We help Blue Economy stakeholders to see beyond the oceans. From tracking vessels from space to detect illegal activities, we combine vessels location information with ocean weather conditions data and monitor the entire sea condition, detecting harmful algal bloom proliferation, measuring salinity, wave level for different purpose including clean energy development.

Blue Economy is trending now. Mapping the ocean's resources has become more than important, not only to assess them, but also to estimate the risk to which they are exposed to in regard to save them, and to know how we can use them in a reasonable way. While there are few means to map the oceans, AGIA has found a way in doing so by deploying underwater drones to map closely the African oceans.

Furthermore, port activity is crucial for the development of the economy of coastal countries, the hinterland and for the development of international trade. Unfortunately, the ports are facing more and more growing challenges, particularly related to modern piracy, climate hazards, and even lack of effective technology for port management.

AGIA is bringing the right technology to bridge the gap, and help ports attract more traffic to their devices, improve productivity and get the most outcome of their business through predictive analytics data along the port value chain. We track and manage vessels from departure to arrival at the ports. We make an inventory of port and maritime resources.