We use Geospatial Insurance Analytics to provide risk assessment, claims management, insurance underwriting, insurance fraud for insurance companies and banks, helping them with data-oriented decision making. We map and predict the risks for them.

Risk Assessment

We help public and private insurers predict the risks. We help them have the whole picture of their operating territories, and assess those territories pixel-by-pixel regarding different type of risks so that they can make credit scoring more efficient and accurate. We even use past and current risk data to inform the future.

Claims Management

We use the power of data to identify where risk happens and where are the locations of the customers. This dynamic strategy is an anchor aspect in reaching and responding quickly to customers. When processing claims management, we keep in mind the main aspects of compensation, restoration, intervention strategy to the loss and damage that insurers’ customers are facing.

Insurance Underwriting

A good insurance business is the one who care about the risk exposure of its potential clients and constantly evaluate that risk. AGIA Insurance Analytics provides quickly a meaningful support to insurance stakeholders to think geographically: to know who is insured, understand the context, estimate and decide the right amount for disaster recovery within a specific area and for specific target.

Insurance Fraud

We help insurers track down eventual suspicious behaviors to see whether insurance claims are justified or not. We perform fraud investigation based on clients locations, and satellite data.​