AGIA develops digital tools for farmers to help them optimize their yields and agricultural investments. Our satellite data-based tools deliver reliable weather, soil and available resources information for farmers and their partners. We really believe that well-developed and technology-based agriculture will support food security and even help fight the expansion of extremism in Africa.

Farm Data

We use GPS and drones for data collect, survey and analysis include crop types detection, crop phenology mapping, crop disease detection and estimation of crop yields. We monitor and manage farmland, water, and other agricultural resources to help farmers and their partners to get more outcome from their work.


We perform soil sampling and analysis to reveal available nutrients, pH level, soil moisture and a range of other accurate data that is meaningful for making informed and profitable decisions, support optimizing of seeding and fertilizer. We deliver data in worldwide standard format so that they can be easily integrated to other data sources to enrich and show significant value to farmers, investors and partners.


AGIA creates precise farm plans, field maps, crop scouting and yield maps, and through this helping with the dissemination of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, helping to reduce expenses, produce higher yields and create a more environmentally-friendly operation.


We use tools and technologies designed to help farmers find the best time to sow. These applications allow optimization of plantation management, and with the soil analysis functionality, the choice of seeds becomes easier than ever before, ensuring good productivity.