Climate change has been a serious problem facing by cities and rural communities in Africa, with severe and deadly disaster events including flood, drought, wildfire and huge agriculture damages. According to the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank Group, in 2010, about 83 000 of people was affected by flood in Togo with $ 38 million in damages. Unfortunately, government and stakeholders were only able to take action after the disaster. Not because they don’t want, but because they were not prepared for. Fortunately, we all know today that some of the needed things to have when getting prepared are the right data, the right tools, and technology for decision-making. And we are here to help with that.

AGIA’s OneFarm is a digital tool designed for farmers to help them optimize their yields and agricultural investments. This satellite data-based weather forecasting software delivers reliable weather information for farmers in their local languages directly to their mobile phones including precipitation, soil moisture, and many more weather parameters covering several months, based on their location. OneFarm can be also used to support disaster response actions before, during and after a disaster occurs. It also supports disaster financing decision-making.

OneFarm is a game-changing software with the potential to transform the way people practice agriculture in Africa and beyond, helping farmers to practice smart and climate resilient agriculture.