AGIA Hardware is where the African Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (AGIA) is trying to advance the space technology on the continent through the design, the manufacture, and the launch of effective, and low-cost space-related hardware systems.

We don’t pretend. We believe in the “dream big, and start small” philosophy. We are even willing to build the biggest Rocket Launch Pad on the continent, so that we can help countries and other companies in launching their own satellites to space from Africa.

The goal is to dramatically democratize space launch and exploration to facilitate the advent of many spacefaring nations in Africa, and contribute to the Space 4. 0 Era.

Space 4. 0 Era is “a time when space is evolving from being the preserve of the governments of a few spacefaring nations to a situation in which there is the increased number of diverse space actors around the world, including the emergence of private companies, participation with academia, industry and citizens, digitalization and global interaction” – ESA.

Starting space systems

■ 3D Printed Weather Stations
■ Satellite Ground Stations
■ Satellites